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A World of Homeless Cats
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Perhaps you have seen them - many eyes peering from behind bushes or groups of the same cats that seem to live outdoors near restaurants or places you visit. I came across a "colony" of them when I visited Florida on vacation one year. These are not simply lost cats, but are known as feral cats, the "wild" offspring of domestic cats that are primarily the result of pet owners' abandonment or failure to spay and neuter their animals. And there are feral cats everywhere - worldwide living in urban areas. In this week's show, we'll talk about these homeless cats; can they be helped or adopted? Are they a danger and what can you do if they become a nuisance in your yard. You'll hear what one organization, The Feral Cat Coalition is doing to help the situation and these cats.
Episode Segments:
Feral Cats Part One
Valerie Miller from the Feral Cat Coalition explains where feral cats come from and how they are different than a typical stray cat. She also talks about the scale of the feral cat problem, which has become a worldwide issue.
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Feral Cats Part Two
Valerie talks about the many different efforts by communities and volunteer groups to deal with the feral cat problem. She also discusses some of the myths and truths about feral cats, and explains how can lovers can help.
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Feral Cats Part Three
Sheri Randle, the current president of the Feral Cat Coalition, talks about her organization and what it does to help. In many cases, their volunteers trap feral cats and return them to the wild after spaying/neutering, which is more efficient and less expensive than efforts by local governments.
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The Feral Cat Coalition
Feral Cat Coalition is a non-profit, all volunteer organization dedicated to alleviating the misery of feral and homeless cats by humane trap-neuter-release

Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Valerie Miller
Valerie Miller is the Public Relations Director for the Feral Cat Coaltion in San Diego, CA. She first became aware of the organization when she herself found abandoned kittens living near her home. Since then she has trapped, socialized and found homes for hundreds of feral cats. As PR director she attends community events to educate the public and works the PR booth at the spay/neuter surgery clinics. She has written about trapping feral cats for the "San Diego Pet Magazine and her photographs are published in the Alley Cat Allies national publication.

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Sheri Randle
Sheri Randle is the current president of the Feral Cat Coalition. She started volunteering for the organization in 2000 helping prep cats for surgery and has served on their board. She is a massage therapist having graduated as a Holistic Health Practitioner and is pursuing her small animal massage therapy license. She resides in San Diego with her husband and 7 felines, 3 of which are feral.

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