Thursday • October 21
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Answers for Allergic Cat Lovers
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Are you allergic to your cats and suffer along or do you wish you could get a cat but due to allergies think this is impossible? Is someone important to you in your life allergic but you don't want to lose your cats or give up the idea of having them in the future? This show will help. Find out from Diane Morgan, author of The Sneeze-Free Cat Owner , what the often misunderstood cause of the allergy is, what many options are for managing cat allergies and get the low down about breeds of cats considered to be less problematic.
Episode Segments:
Cat Allergy Answers
So youre allergic to something is it your cat? Diane goes through some of the ways you can determine your allergy, and combating it, if it is indeed caused by your cat. Plus, what part of the cat causes the allergy? And dont assume its the fur!
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Treating Your Cat Allergy
Diane goes through some of the common and not-so-common ways you can treat your cat allergy, including ways to treat yourself, and ways to treat your home.
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Allergy Free Cats?
Diane gives some simple suggestions of how you can lessen the effects of your cat allergies by making a few simple adjustments around the home. Plus, she goes through some of the breeds of cats that tend to be less allergenic than others.
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Are you or someone you love among the over ten million Americans who suffer from some sort of pet-related allergy? Is the dream of bringing a cat into your home met with the fear of allergy symptoms? If concern over pet-related allergies has prevented you or someone you love from owning a cat, The Sneeze-Free Cat Owner can help in the management of your allergy symptoms and enable you to find the perfect feline friend.

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Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Diane Morgan
Diane Morgan is an assistant professor of philosophy and religion at Wilson College, Chambersburg , Pennsylvania . She is also an award-winning writer who has authored numerous books on canine care and nutrition (including The Living Well Guide for Senior Dogs) as well as many breed books, horse books, and books on Eastern philosophy and religion. In her spare time, Diane is an avid gardener (and writes about that, too). She lives in Williamsport , Maryland , with her human and animal family.