Thursday • October 21
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The Tiger within your Pussy Cat
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Are you aware that besides the difference in size and markings of the fur, a wild tiger and your pet cat is the same animal in many ways? Understanding that the behavior of your cat is instinctually rooted in its "wild cat" heritage offers much insight in how to live in greater harmony and comfort with your kitty. Drawing from the book "The Tiger on Your Couch: What the Big Cats Can Teach You About Living In Harmony With Your House Cat" by Bill Fleming and Judy Petersen Fleming, Susan Frank, will offer practical advice about why playtime is so important, how and why to teach your cat the word "no" and that regardess if you are a man, woman or child, being a better "mother" to your cat makes a big difference in having a warm, affectionate and respectful bond with your feline.
Episode Segments:
Wild About Pets: The Wild Cat Within
Susan talks about the ways your cat is similar to a wild cat like a lion or a tiger, and the ways that they are different (Besides the obvious, of course!) She also talks about how you must literally take the role of a mother if you want to train your kitten.
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Wild About Pets: Training Your Kitty
Susan has some tips for training a kitten, and how they need to start being conditioned as soon as you get them home. A little, love, patients and discipline can make all the difference in the way that your cat behaves and interacts with you.
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Wild About Pets: Cats and Claws
Susan tells you how you can teach your cat the right and wrong ways to use their claws. Then, the importance of playtime, and how to make sure your cat uses his scratching post instead of your furniture.
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Using stories, photographs, facts, and analogies from their years of experience working with tigers, two top animal behaviorists give step-by-step instructions for developing a happy, natural relationship with domestic cats. This complete guide covers play, training, bathing, and much more.