Thursday • October 21
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We are wrong about Pit Bulls. Learn the truth!
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What many of us don't know, is that Pit Bulls are gentle, loving and loyal dogs as a breed and when raised responsibly like any other dog, they make great family pets. The problem is not with the breed, as we commonly think because of what we have heard through the media, the problem lies with uninformed or careless or abusive owners that create dogs that can become aggressive. Susan's guest this week, Ed Fritz, with the Best Friends Animal Society and head of the "Pit Bulls: Saving America's Dog" campaign, will tell us the truth about these wrongly understood dogs, and alert us to the growing situation across the country that is putting pit bulls, who are in actuality, innocent victims, at harm.

Photo courtesy of the Best Friends Animal Society
Episode Segments:
The Truth About Pitbulls Part One
Ed Fritz, Campaign Specialist for the Best Friends Animal Society, helps Susan understand more about the pit bull breed. He talks about some of the major misconceptions surrounding pit bulls, and whether one would be a good fit for your family.
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The Truth About Pitbulls Part Two
Ed talks about the history of the pit bull, including where they got their name from. He also helps to dispels some of the myths about the breed, and why we need to look past the reports in the news to learn what this dog is actually like.
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The Truth About Pitbulls Part Three
Ed discusses his campaign, Pit Bulls: Saving Americas Dog and what they are hoping to accomplish with it. He also informs us about breed discriminatory legislation that is popping up across the nation. (photo by Melissa Lipani)
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Pit Bulls: Saving America's Dog
Best Friends Animal Society is working throughout the country to help pit bulls, who are battling everything from a media-driven bad reputation to legislation designed to bring about their extinction. Best Friends hopes to end discrimination against all dogs.

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