Thursday • October 21
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An Animal Rescue Group Unlike Any Other - Rescue Ink
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Here's how Rescue Ink's website describes them - "Rescue Ink is a bunch of tattooed, motorcycle-riding tough guys who have joined together to fight animal cruelty, educate abusers and help resolve situations other rescue groups can’t – or won’t – handle themselves. Like many of the animals they save, the members of Rescue Ink know what it’s like to be given a second chance in life. And they’re using theirs to help the animals, no matter what it takes." They've been in the news a lot lately and have a book and a TV show now. Susan will talk to Rescue Ink's Johnny O , to get the scoop on what it's like behind the scenes of the organization, the animal rescues and find out what it is during their missions that we don't see on the TV show.

Plus, find out about the "Olympics for Dogs" from Ken Scarnegie, founder of the the Classic K9 Show.
Episode Segments:
Wild About Pets: Rescue Ink's Johnny O
Johnny talks about how the Rescue Ink team came together, and their zero tolerance towards animal abuse. He also talks about the types of animal emergencies they respond to, and what theyre doing to raise awareness of animal abuse.
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Wild About Pets: More with Johnny O.
Johnny talks about Rescue Inks new book, some of their more memorable rescues, and why you should leave animal rescuing to the experts. He also gives his take on the plight of the pit bull.
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Wild About Pets: Classic K9 Productions
Ken Scarnegie, founder of Classic K9 Productions tells Susan about some of the extreme team performances you can expect to see at the upcoming Great American Pet Expo. He also talks about agility training & competition for dogs, and how you can set up an obstacle course for your pet.
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Look While You Listen!
Visit Wild About to view the pictures Susan and her guests are discussing.

Rescue Ink: Fighting Animal Abuse And Neglect
Rescue Ink™ was formed to aid in battling animal abuse and neglect, and to assist existing animal-welfare agencies and shelters.

Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Johnny O
With his “Clark Kent” glasses and ski cap, Johnny O’s look is best described as “coffeehouse biker.” A former personal bodyguard, he loves the martial arts, reflected in his tattoos of symbolic Chinese animals, from a fiery dragon to a contemplative crane. Like all the guys, Johnny O is a pit-bull advocate – he owns two, look-alikes named Lucy and Chuck – and he educates about their undeservedly bad rap every chance he gets.

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Ken Scarnegie
In 1989, Ken Scarnegie founded the Classic K9 Show and has been producing and announcing the show for more than 20 years. We have over 14,000 members (Dog Sport Trainers) from across the USA and Canada. This equates to more than 55,000 Classic K9 All-Stars throughout North America! Together, we produce the Classic K9 Show which is a sort of 'Olympics' for dogs. Agility, High Jumping, Relay Racing and Barrel Racing are only a few of the events that make up the show. More than 17 different dog sport events are rotated in so that every show is different.

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Here's the Rescue Ink team in action!