Sunday • October 17
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Reaching For A Dream - Paws First!
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Have you ever wondered how really successful companies got their start? Many of them simply begin with an average person who had an idea and a dream. On today's show, you'll hear the true success stories behind many popular pet related companies and products. Susan's guest is Chris Witting, the creator and host of radio's Success Journal, a syndicated feature heard on over 300 stations nationwide. Chris will share numerous inspiring "go for broke and get rich" stories in the fun, engaging style that is the trademark of the Success Journal.
Episode Segments:
Wild About Pets: The Success Journal
Chris shares his own success story, and the ideas that led to the creation of the Success Journal. Then, we have success stories inspired by kids, cats, and the most ordinary of settings.
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Wild About Pets: Chasing Success
We have more stories from the archives of the Success Journal, including a product worth begging for, spending money to make money, and how to chase success
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Wild About Pets: Success Stories
In our final segment, we head back into the Success Journal archives, for success stories about baseball, imagination, and turning fakes into fortunes.
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Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Chris Witting
Chris Witting is an award-winning broadcaster, journalist, and entrepreneur. He is the host of two nationally-syndicated radio shows: The Success Journal, heard in 150 markets and InfoTrak, heard in 485 markets. Chris is the CEO of Syndication Networks Corporation, the Chicago-based radio syndication company. He is also the creator and CEO of TalkZone Internet Radio. Prior to founding Syndication Networks almost 20 years ago, Chris had a successful career at CBS Radio. He managed and programmed radio stations in major markets including New York, Chicago and Philadelphia. Chris is the author of 21-Day Countdown to Success, published by Career Press.

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