Thursday • October 21
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How to Co-Exist With Local Wildlife In Your Backyard
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When do squirrels, raccoons, birds or other local wildlife pose real nuisance problems that must be addressed professionally as opposed to the times the issue can be resolved by you with the right information and procedures? Find out about some of the myths and misperceptions we have about wildlife. Susan's guest, Joel Thomas, author of Creature Comforts:Wildlife Stories and Solutions will share the facts that will help you live more harmoniously with and understand our local wild neighbors.
Episode Segments:
Wild About Pets: Our Furry Friends
If your home is being overrun by furry invaders, we’re here to help! In part one, Joel will explain the concept of habitat modification, which is a technique to help your house stay critter free. We will then teach you some tricks to tell which kind of animal has moved in, and give you tips to get rid of squirrels and skunks.
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Wild About Pets: Home Invasion
If there’s a mouse nibbling on your doggie treats or a skunk digging in your lawn, find out how you can keep your home from becoming their home. Also, we dispel some common myths about the bat, and why that heron seems to love your backyard pond so much.
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Wild About Pets: More Animals to Watch Out For
Joel talks about the most common animal invaders he is contacted about - the raccoon, the coyote and and the woodchuck – and shares what you need to know about them, and what to watch out for. Then, what you need to know about hawks, why you should leave those baby animals alone, and why monkeys never make good pets.
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Creature Comforts- Wildlife Stories & Solutions
In an era when people and wildlife are under constant pressure to live closer and closer together, human animal conflict is on the rise. How should we respond to wildlife problems? What are the real concerns for humans and their wild neighbors? What exactly is going on in my own backyard? With honesty and humor along the way, the book explains the nature of wildlife behavior, the root causes of common animal related problems, and effective non-lethal solutions that can provide relief and a happy ending for humans and animals alike. This book will teach you how to solve wildlife conflicts and to prevent them as well.

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Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Joel Thomas
Joel Thomas was born and raised in East Amherst, just north of Buffalo, New York. He grew up spending most of his free time outdoors. A childhood interest in animals and wildlife eventually led to work in the late 70's as an assistent keeper for one of the largest private reptile collections in Western New York. He graduated from Medaille College in 1993 with a degree in veterinary technology. He has worked at the Erie County SPCA as a veterinary technician since 1995, and became Wildlife Administrator there in 1999. Joel is a New York State Licensed Veterinary Technician, a Wildlife Rehabilitator, and a Falconer. He also holds certifications in chemical capture and as a New York State DEC Hunter Education Instructor.