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Saving the Pets After Katrina - Part Two!
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Returning to continue the conversation about what is was really like to rescue thousands of pets in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Susan's guest is Karen O'Toole, author of Orphans of Katrina, a film production coordinator who felt compelled to fly into the besieged area and volunteer to help stranded pets. You'll hear details and stories that were not revealed in the media. Karen just returned from a reunion of the animal rescue workers, in New Orleans, so we'll hear how conditions are today. Some of the stories you will hear about what happened during the rescue efforts are sad and shocking, but for all animal lovers and pet owners, it's a show you won't want to miss.
Episode Segments:
Wild About Pets: Return to New Orleans
Karen recently returned to New Orleans after five years for a reunion with other workers. Learn what it was like to return after all this time, and how the city has recovered. Then, get some amazing numbers of how many animals they were able to rescue, and how many pets lost their lives.

Pictures by Karen O'Toole
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Wild About Pets: After the Rescue
After Karen and the other volunteers found the abandoned pets, what happened next? Find out how they began the process of reuniting the animals with their owners, and the sad tale of a number of pets who were executed.

Pictures by Karen O'Toole
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Wild About Pets: After the Rescue
Even five years later, there are still pets still waiting to be reunited with their owners, and Karen will tell you about some of the resources that are available to find the pets. Karen also shares tips and advice to safeguard your pets should you have to leave them behind in an emergency.

Pictures by Karen O'Toole
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Orphans of Katrina is a vivid, heartfelt journey deep inside the greatest animal rescue in American history. Learn more about the book & order your copy here!

Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Karen O'Toole
Karen O'Toole is a native New Yorker, born in the bronx. She often lives in Arizona when not traveling around the world getting into trouble (which is most of the time.) She is a filmmaker, a member of the Writer's Guild of America, and was awarded the Acedemy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences'Nicholl Fellowship for screenwriting. ( Fluent in four languages, she has coordinated and managed feature films for Oliver Stone, Mel Brooks, William H. Macy, Roland Emmerich, Sony Pictures, Warner Bros. Dimension Films, etc. (see IMDB.COM) A lifelong animal advocate, she was compelled to write Orphans of Katrina, to tell the story of the voiceless: the animals of the hurricane. Her rescue work has been featured on CNN, ABC, CBS, Fox News; plus in the award winning Katrina documentary:MINE. She has also been highlighted in the book, RESCUED: Saving Animals from Disaster, and featured in many national newspapers and magazines.

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