Sunday • October 17
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The Answers You Need About Pet Health Insurance
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Should you get pet health insurance? Is it worth it? Will it really reduce the huge bills we can incur at the Vet's office? How do you choose the right company and the right policy for your pet? My guest today, Dr. Doug Kenney, a Vet, not a health insurance salesperson has done the research and has written a great book, Your Guide to Understanding Pet Health Insurance and he will clear up the confusion and give us the facts we need to know to make good decisions.
Episode Segments:
Wild About Pets: Health Insurance for your Pet
Dr. Doug Kenney outlines the main things you need to know about pet health insurance, and why you should consider buying it. He also outlines some of different types available, and explains why it isnít all that different than your own health insurance.
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Wild About Pets: Info on Insurance
Dr. Kenny goes into great detail about the different types of insurance that are available, what policies may and may not cover, and how you can prepare for large, unexpected costs. Then, he explains how to choose the right company and plan for your needs and why itís important to strive to be a wise pet owner.
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Guide To Understanding Pet Health Insurance
The pet insurance industry is growing rapidly because for the first time many pet owners are searching for help to bridge the gap between the costs of delivering quality healthcare to their beloved pets and their ability to pay for it - particularly when an unexpected illness or injury occurs. With a dozen companies selling pet health insurance in the United States, finding the company and policy that is right for you can seem like a daunting task, but this book can help you.

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Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Doug Kenney
Dr. Kenney graduated in 1977 from the Auburn University School of Veterinary Medicine. He practices small animal medicine and surgery at Frayser Raleigh Animal Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. His main interests are wellness care, preventative medicine and teaching pet owners how to save money on their petís healthcare expenses. He also has an interest in pet health insurance and how it can be beneficial to veterinarians, pet owners, and their pets. He also authors a blog about pet insurance.

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