Wednesday • December 06
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An Artistic Journey Through South Africa
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World Footprints continues its focus on South Africa with a journey through the world of fine art. Our discussions will focus on the transformative power of art and the celebration of culture and heritage through art with a prominent art dealer in South Africa and several U.S. based art collectors. First, Martin Britz, President and Founder of Soweto Fine Art, will join us from Johannesburg to talk about his personal journey from an Afrikaner military officer to a champion for black South African artists. Martin will share some unique insights into the people, culture, and South African society today; and he’ll talk about his quest to promote and empower the diverse people on the African continent and expose its art treasures to the world. Then we’ll travel back to Maryland for a visit to Galerie Myrtis to chat with several prominent art collectors who gathered to discuss the topics of cultural preservation through art collecting, connoisseurship and philanthropy. Based in Baltimore, Galerie Myrtis features works by African, African-American and emerging artists with a mission to utilize the visual arts to raise awareness for artists who deserve recognition for their contributions in artistically portraying our historic and cultural landscape; and recognize art movements that paved the way for freedom of artistic expression.
Episode Segments:
World Footprints: Martin Britz and Soweto Fine Art
Martin Britz is President and Founder of Soweto Fine Art. He has been working and specializing in the art produced by the fine artists of Soweto since the 1980’s. Martin’s commitment to promote and manage the culture and historical resources of the region, and expose its hidden treasures to the world, led him to resign from the South African police service, long before Apartheid ended. He devoted his life to cultivating relationships with the artists and their families. He joins Ian and Tonya to talk about his own personal journey, and the treasures he has worked so hard to preserve.
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World Footprints: Martin Britz Part Two
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World Footprints: Martin Britz Part Three
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World Footprints: Preserving Art and Culture in South Africa
At a recent symposium at Baltimore’s Galerie Myrtis, a panel of private art collectors, which included Robbye Apperson, Louis Ford, Dr. Acklyn Lynch and Troy Staton, gathered to speak about art in their lives, their travels, and as a force for cultural education, preservation, and philanthropy.
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Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Martin Britz
Martin George Britz is the President and Founder of Soweto Fine Arts. He has been working and specializing in the art produced by the black fine artists from Soweto since the late 1980’s. As such he has also written the defining book “South African Fine Art – The Soweto School”. This work defines the group of artists as the first legitimate “School Of Art” emerging from the African Continent. Britz has had an intimate relationship with the artists and their families over the years and saw the need to preserve and document their works and their lives for future generations to appreciate and enjoy.

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