Tuesday • June 25
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Grassroot Soccer
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The 2010 FIFA World Cup is underway in South Africa and on today’s show, World Footprints will showcase an organization, Grassroot Soccer, that’s using soccer to transform the lives of disadvantaged children throughout South Africa. Tonya and Ian will introduce you to executive director and founder Dr. Tommy Clark and they’ll also introduce someone who is on the “front lines” in South Africa for Grassroot Soccer, Phil Johnson.
Episode Segments:
World Footprints: Dr. Tommy Clark
Dr. Tommy Clark discusses his organization’s mission to stop the spread of HIV in Africa through soccer.
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World Footprints: Dr. Tommy Clark Part Two
Dr. Clark discusses the growth and success of Grassroots Soccer, as well as the impact of the program in Africa, and some of their upcoming events.
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World Footprints: Grassroot Soccer’s Phil Johnson
Dr. Clark gave us the background and mission of Grassroot Soccer. Now Tonya and Ian get the perspective of someone who on the front lines in South Africa as a volunteer for Grassroots Soccer. They introduce Phil Johnson, who left a life behind in corporate America to travel to South Africa.
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World Footprints: Phil Johnson Part Two
Phil discusses the impact the program is having, the stigma that still surrounds HIV / AIDS in South Africa, and the excitement the World Cup is bringing to the region.
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Links to Related Websites:
Grassroot Soccer
Mission: Using the power of soccer in the fight against HIV and AIDS, Grassroot Soccer (GRS) provides African youth with the knowledge, life-skills and support to live HIV-free.

Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Phil Johnson
Phil graduated from Bates College in 2006 with a degree in Economics. Upon graduation, he moved to New York City, NY, where he worked for three years in equity and fixed income trade support at Dominick and Dominick and JPMorgan. He joined the 2009-2010 class of GRS Interns in the Spring of 2009, and is working with the Business Development team in Cape Town, SA. In his free time, Phil enjoys soccer, skiing, fishing, and is ever so slowly learning to surf.

Grassroot Soccer Website

Tommy Clark
Tommy Clark, a pediatrician and Executive Director of Grassroot Soccer, conceived the idea for Grassroot Soccer after living in Zimbabwe. Born in Scotland where his Dad played for the Scottish national team, he then moved to Zimbabwe at age 14. After playing soccer at Dartmouth College in the United States he returned to Zimbabwe to teach English and play professional soccer. After several years playing soccer he returned to Dartmouth medical school. As a resident he was named resident teacher of the year twice. He is winner of the American Academy of Pediatrics Annie Dyson Child Advocacy Award. He is winner of the Dartmouth College Martin Luther King Junior award.

Grassroot Soccer Website