Sunday • October 17
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How Stress affects your Cat or Dog
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We all hear about and experience how stress can affect our own well being. Do you know about the connection between stress and health for your pets? My guest this week, Dr. Paul McCutcheon, DVM, author of The New Holistic Way for Dogs and Cats: The Stress-Health Connection will be telling us that there are positive and negative stressors in our pets lives. He will help us identify the different types of negative stress that can affect a pet's health and then offer solutions for preventing and managing this stress.
Episode Segments:
Wild About Pets: Your Pet and Stress
Dr. McCutcheon helps us understand what stress is for our animals, and why it is the underlying causes of most problems with our pets. We also discuss the some of the common causes of stress in pets, including their diets.
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Wild About Pets: Treating Stress
Dr. McCutcheon explains why traditional treatments for animal stress, such as drugs, are not successful. We then learn why fresh air is so helpful to a pets’ well being, and why euthanizing a pet may not be the best thing for the animal.
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Wild About Pets: Origins of Stress
Stress for some pets can actually start before birth, but there are ways we can help them to recover and lead healthy lives. Dr. McCutcheon also explains why homeopathic medicine deserves to be explored for pet care.
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The New Holistic Way For Dogs And Cats
Paul McCutcheon, DVM, has developed his stress-based, holistic approach to pet care over more than 40 years of practice. Now his approach is available to everyone in The New Holistic Way for Dogs and Cats: The Stress-Health Connection. His method has helped thousands of animals to significantly improve, such as Tara and Checkers, below.

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Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Dr. Paul McCutcheon
Dr. McCutcheon founded and has been the Director and Clinician of the East York Animal Clinic for over 47 years! He is thankful for the wide diversity of diagnostics and therapies they offer their clients and patients and the dedicated staff that he is privileged to work with. He also enjoys the wonderful clients and patients he has the pleasure to serve. Outside the clinic he and his wife Jean have had the joy of raising 5 children and now enjoy 9 grandchildren. Dr. McCutcheon has served his community through 47 years in the Rotary Club. He's portrayed his philosophies through a variety of media–Radio–TV–Print and currently in his new book The New Holistic Way. "I can’t think of anything I would rather do. I feel very fortunate to have a job that provides me a reasonable living while allowing me to feel that I am contributing positively to the well-being of my patients and their human companions." He has two cats of his own; Tommy and Rex, and loves their selfless devotion.

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