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Tales of Rescued Dogs
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We'll hear about why popular British novelist Harry Porter has started writing a series of delightful children's books about rescued dogs - all told from the point of view of the dog. For the second segment of the show, we'll talk about a different way of rescuing dogs - through training. My guest, dog trainer Toriano Sanzone will talk about the different styles of dog training. Many of the recent dog trainer guests I have had on the show, all promote using the style of dog training known as positive training. I'll give time to the other philosophy, compulsive training, and find out why some trainers feel the need at times to utilize more forceful methods.

(photo by Lynda Guillu and Alberto Trevino)
Episode Segments:
Wild About Pets: Author Harry Porter
Harry tells us the story of Tilly and how it led to his rescuing even more dogs. He also discusses the unique challenges in training rescued dogs, and has tips for helping rescued dogs adjust to their new surroundings.

(photo by Harry Porter)
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Wild About Pets: Dog Trainer Toriano Sanzone
Toriano & his dog Diesel join Susan live in studio, where he talks about some of the techniques he uses to train dogs, the challenges of training dogs in an urban setting, and some things that may lead to aggression in dogs.

(photo by Lyda Guillu and Alberto Trevino)
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Rescued when life looked bleak and her future uncertain, Tilly found love and a new purpose in her life. Read Tilly's story in her own "words," share the highs and the lows of her struggle to be loved and wanted, and be prepared to fall in love with this very special terrier.

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Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Toriano Antoine Sanzone
• Master Dog Trainer Toriano Antoine Sanzone is an author, dog behaviorist, motivational speaker and entrepreneur.

• Seven years’ professional experience in canine industry

• Provided seminar training for the Inmates at the Westville State Prison in Indiana and the Chicago Juvenile Detention Center

• Volunteered training services for the Chicago Animal Care and Control and other animal shelters

• Owned and managed several dog training facilities in Chicago for 4 years

• Created training programs for various other dog facilities: Camp Bow Wow, Petland, Bark Chicago and others

• Level 1 Reiki Healer and expert on dog nutrition

• Created 12 doggie yoga maneuvers

• Awarded Dog Trainer of the year 2007, 2008, and 2009 by the Personal Protection Dog Association

• Nominated Dog Trainer of The Year by Tails Magazine Reader’s Choice Awards

• Currently in the process of writing a book on doggie yoga called “DOGA in Costa Rica”

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Harry Porter
Harry Porter is a respected thriller author, writing under the name of Brian L Porter. As Brian he was the Winner, Best Author, of The Preditors & Editors Readers Awards 2009, and as Harry, also Winner of Best Children\'s Book, and Best Artwork for Tilly\'s Tale and with a Top Ten Finisher Award for his thriller Legacy of the Ripper. His works include the winner of The Preditors & Editors Best Thriller Novel 2008 Award, A Study in Red -- The Secret Journal of Jack the Ripper and its sequels, Legacy of the Ripper and the soon to be published final part of his Ripper trilogy, Requiem for the Ripper, all published by Double Dragon Publishing, and all signed for movie adaptation by Thunderball Films (L.A.), with A Study in Red already in the development stages of production. His latest novel, Purple Death, was recently released by Moongypsy Press. Aside from his novels, Harry/Brian is a dedicated dog rescuer and shares his home with 14 rescued dogs. As Harry Porter he has written a series of books designed to appeal to young and old alike under the collective title Harry Porter\'s Dog Tales. The first of these, the heart warming, award winning Tilly\'s Tale was released in November 2009 by 4RV Publishing, and the series is written in the hope of raising awareness of the extent of dog neglect and abuse in the world. The next book in the series, Dylan\'s Tale is scheduled for release in the summer of 2010. His other children\'s and young adult works include Arcadia 22Heavy -- Mayday and Alistair the Alligator. He works closely with Canine Psychologist/Behaviorist Brian Gallagher to ensure his dogs are the best possible \'canine citizens\' they can be. Together, he and Mr. Gallagher are currently writing a dog training manual Taming the Savage Beast, based soley on the \'Dog Perspective\', and this will be \'narrated\' by Tilly his pack leader. This book will be primarily aimed at those who have adopted rescued dogs and who may find it more difficult than usual to train their pets effectively due to the \'baggage\' that many neglected, abandoned and abused dogs endure before finding a loving home.

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Toriano Sanzone And His Dog Training Mission