Wednesday • March 22
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George Anderson, Psychic Medium
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Since the dawn of man as witnessed by the cave drawings; the Great Pyramids of the Ancient Egyptians, which were a method of securing life after death for the pharaohs; the advent of Christianity; and the building of the great Churches and art of the Renaissance; through all civilizations up to our modern culture today, humans have desired for the answer to the question: what is life all about? And, what happens when we die? This week we have the pleasure of welcoming someone who may shed some solid light on this topic, George Anderson.
Episode Segments:
Everything Old is New Again: George Anderson
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Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
George Anderson
GEORGE ANDERSON is the first medium in history to appear regularly on a cable television show, the first medium to gain international exposure for his extraordinary ability, and the only medium to be cleared by network television standards and practices to appear on the first-ever prime-time special on mediumship, Contact: Talking to the Dead. He is the only living medium to have been invited to Holland by surviving members of the family of Anne Frank, and he remains the most scientifically tested medium on earth. Anderson has been featured in newspapers and on television and is the New York Times bestselling author of George Anderson's Lessons from the Light and the national bestseller Walking in the Garden of Souls.

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