Wednesday • March 22
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Psychic Medium George Anderson
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As we get older, we all experience death in some form or another.  The question of what happens when we die is as old as time itself. The Egyptians built pyramids to ensure life after death for their Pharoahs, and the Bible promises a new life after we die. Eons ago, humans even created cave drawings about it. Then there were the paintings about it during the Italian Renaissance, and more recently, volumes of literature and movies made, which seek to explore this universal topic.  Today we are excited to once again welcome a man who will be able to provide an answer to what happens after we die..psychic medium George Anderson.
Episode Segments:
Everything Old is New Again: George Anderson
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Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
George Anderson
For more than forty years, George Anderson has been able to bridge the world of the hereafter and the earth, through his ability to communicate messages of hope from those we love who have passed on. Since the age of six, after suffering a near-fatal illness, George has had a special relationship with the souls who depend on his ability to hear them, and bring peace and comfort to their grieving families. He is widely considered, by those in the medical, scientific and religious fields to be the world’s greatest living medium.

George Anderson has dedicated his life to helping the bereaved cope with loss by delivering messages of hope from their deceased loved ones with an accuracy and specificity that is unrivaled by contemporaries in his field. His ability is so unusual that those in virtually every walk of life consider him a true and genuine conduit to the world hereafter.

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