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November 15, 2018

The Barbecue Becky Phenomenon
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Call it the "Barbecue Becky" phenomenon- black people just trying to lead their lives, doing day-to-day things, and white people calling the police on them for it. Birdsong will discuss some of the more prominent examples- and there are many- and what it says about our society.

Then, a chat with Penelope Tzourgros , author of Your Home Sweet Home: How to Decide Whether You Should Stay or Move in Retirement.
Episode Segments:
Birdsong: Barbecue Becky Phenomenon
What does it say about where we are as a country when a black person can't grill in a park, sell bottles of water, or even try to enter their apartment building without being seen as a suspect? Plus, author Penelope S. Tzougros on how to decide if you should keep your home when you retire.
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