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July 27, 2017

The Presidential Pardon
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With all the talk of collusion and some whispers of impeachment in Washington DC, it is possible that the President could be facing some huge legal hurdles in the future. We all know the President has the power to pardon, but how far does that power go? Does he have the power to pardon family members, or even himself? Professor Birdsong explores the possibilities, as he explains the Presidential pardon in great detail.
Episode Segments:
Birdsong: The Presidential Pardon
Professor Birdsong tells us what the Constitution says about pardon, and talks about how some past Presidents have used this power. He will then examine if it is possible for President Trump to use the privilege on himself or members of his family.

We'll also have our weekly batch of dumb criminal stories. While Professor Birdsong does not believe President Trump has the power to pardon himself, we'll hear from a legal expert who does think the President has this power. Whether he intends to use it is another story.
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