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April 20, 2018

Family Role Reversal and The New Times
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Would you interrupt your career to care for a grandchild? Thatís what Dr. Oliver Akamnonu and his wife did for their daughter, who was finishing medical school. He talks about the experience, which he also shared in his book Little Baby Lydia: Grandpa, Grandma, and Student Mom, Family Role Reversal and The New Times.

Birdsong will also give legal commentary and opinions on news of the past week concerning the Cohen FBI seized materials and the court hearing; the revelation that Sean Hannity is one of Cohen's legal clients; and shares his thoughts on Comey's book and Trump's tweets about the book.
Episode Segments:
Birdsong: Family Role Reversal
Dr. Oliver Akamnonu discusses why he gave up his career to help raise his grandchild. Birdsong also gives his opinions on the legal news of the week.
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Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Oliver Akamnonu
Dr. Oliver is a physician, with specialization in anesthesiology.

An author and poet, Dr. Akamnonu had his early education at St. Brigitís School Enugu, Nigeria, and Government Secondary School Afikpo, where he was School Scholar and was later appointed Captain of his High School. He graduated from the University of Ibadan medical and postgraduate schools.

He was Consultant and Head of Department of Anesthesiology at the Government General Hospital before veering off into private medical practice where he founded and managed the Olivia Group of Specialist Hospitals for many years.

He was elected for two consecutive terms and served meritoriously as state chairman of the Nigerian Medical Association from 2000 to 2004. He was appointed a member of the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria MDCN, and later a member of the Board of Federal Medical Center Owerri. He was conferred with the Distinguished Medical Practitioner (DMP 2005) award and was co-founder and chairman of the Akamnonu Foundation for the Poor. He was appointed traditional chief of his autonomous community in Nigeria in the early 1990's and pioneered many humanitarian and philanthropic projects for his hometown and adjacent communities. He became an author after he immigrated to the United States and has more than eighteen published books to his credit in the USA.

Dr. Akamnonu is the Chairman/CEO of Akamnonu Associates Incorporated. His watch words are courage, hard work and integrity. He loves poetry and historical movies. His favorite book is the poetry book "Rap to Mars".

He delights in devoting summers days in the park to his grandchildren.

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