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October 06, 2016

From A Manís Point Of View
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On my show that aired September 22, 2016, I talked with 2 phenomenal woman regarding the contentiousness, hate and bigotry that is unfortunately effecting America, in a very negativity manner. I stated during my last broadcast that women in this country are the stronghold of ourselves and our families, as they are dealing with the aforementioned on a daily basis. My guests and I talked about the potential of defeatism that woman have to overcome, in order to achieve their goals. Now this discussion will continue; but, from a manís point of view. On this show my guest, Reginald C. Campbell, and I will talk about the mountains men, particularly men of color, have to move out of their way in this society, in order that they become successful. We will discuss what are the reasons that this political election is feeling different versus the previous election, as Hillary Clinton mentioned in her September 16, 2016 speech at the Black Womenís Agenda Symposium. As a society in this great county, can we come together and infuse Love over hate? Join me and my guest for this discussion.
Episode Segments:
Put It All on the Table: A Man's View
Theresa and Regiald discuss the Presidential election and other pressing issues in America today
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