Saturday • April 13
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A Culture of Corruption
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Kwame Brown. Rod Blagojevich. Charlie Rangel. The list goes on and on. With so many politictians in trouble for corruption, Scott wonders if it’s a case of pols wanting more power, or if there’s just simply too much temptation to take bribes. We’ll also look at the legal news and notes for the week.
Episode Segments:
Weinberg on the Law: News and Notes
In our weekly roundup, California’s Prop 8 is overturned for now, another politician is in trouble, this time in New Jersey, and the Blago case is blown – but did he even commit a crime in the first place? Plus, are background checks appropriate in this job market, and the scarlett letter of a sex crime.
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Weinberg on the Law: The Temptation of Bribes
Scott examines the case against Rod Blagojevich, and wonders if you prevented a crime in this instance, can you really charge him for a crime? Then, the case against Senate Candidate Alvin Greene, and is there just too much temptation for politicians to take bribes?
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