Saturday • April 13
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Divorce from a Man’s Perspective
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Scott welcomes Douglas J. Wartell, founder of American Divorce Association for Men, for a look at divorce from the male perspective. Plus, attorney Leon Weiss, and the power of the prosecutor.
Episode Segments:
Weinberg on the Law: Legal News and Notes
Scott examines the power of prosecutors and why it can be a bad thing, particularly in cases of domestic violence and child abuse.
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Weinberg on the Law: Attorney Leon Weiss
Leon Weiss discusses the recent assult case he was involved in featuring members of the Michigan State Football team. Plus, why most people don’t their Miranda Rights.
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Weinberg on the Law: ADAM
Douglas J. Wartell, founder on ADAM (American Divorce Association for Men) discusses how he got the idea for his firm, and why most lawyers seem to give up on their male clients during divorce proceedings, especially if domestic violence is involved.
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Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Douglas J. Wartell
Douglas graduated from the University of Michigan and Wayne State University School of Law. He was admitted to the State Bar of Michigan in 1980. Since founding the American Divorce Association for Men (ADAM) 20 years ago, Douglas and partner, Michael Hoffman, have aggressively advocated men's rights in family law matters. Doug is also a member of the Family Law Section of the Michigan State Bar, and has been commended by the Better Business Bureau, ALS of Michigan, Children’s Wish Foundation and Metro Detroit Youth Day. Having appeared on numerous television and radio shows (including “Bonds Tonight”) as leading experts in domestic law, these pioneers have also been the subject of several newspaper and magazine articles, including the cover stories, “Revolt of the Ex-Husbands” (The Detroit Free Press Magazine), and “In the Domestic Garden of Eden” (Benchmark Magazine).

American Divorce Association for Men Website

Leon Weiss
eon Weiss is a 32 year veteran of the trial wars, having tried over 170 civil and criminal jury trials to verdict. Weiss started his career as an assistant public defender in Miami, Florida, representing indigent people charged with serious crimes. In Miami, Leon developed a solid reputation as a well prepared, tireless and ferocious courtroom advocate, handling thousands of criminal matters from misdemeanors to death penalty murder cases. Weiss deeply believes that all persons accused of crimes must have their constitutional rights vigorously protected, first, because this is a guiding principle of our democracy and second, because anything less weakens the constitutional protections for all people. In 1983 Weiss returned to his native Michigan and for 25 years was a sole practitioner, specializing in state and federal criminal defense, plaintiff's personal injury, commercial litigation and professional licensing defense. In the fall of 2008 he was privileged to join the firm of Geoffrey Fieger, his childhood friend and high school football teammate. At Fieger, Fieger, Kenney, Johnson & Giroux, Weiss will concentrate his practice primarily on criminal defense, with occasional participation in challenging civil matters. Leon Weiss is proud to be a member of a firm comprised of dedicated, principled and supremely skilled lawyers who all share his focused devotion to their clients. "I have the same burning passion to achieve justice for my clients that I always had. To say my old friend Geoff Fieger also has that passion, is perhaps the understatement of the ages. I am very excited about being on Geoffrey's team again and look forward to a long and fruitful association."

Click here to visit his firm's website