Thursday • May 23
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Watch Out for That House!
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Private investigator and attorney Joseph Chora talks about the process of judgement enforcement, and ways you can protect (and lose) your home. Protect your most valued assets, and understand how you can pursue or protect against judgments in California, in the United States, and internationally.
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Mike Bell: Watch Out For That House
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Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Joseph Chora
Normally it takes three years or between 80 to 90 credit hours of law school to earn a law degree. Most graduates can accomplish this feat before the age of 25. Joseph Chora returned to Glendale University College of Law in his mid- 30’s after more than 12 years of investigating insurance incidents, settling insurance disputes and working as a Master Arbitrator. Joseph’s extensive real world experience gave him many transferable skills that quickly became a distinct advantage. As a more mature law school student, he excelled in Moot Court and Trial Procedure.

His prior experience as a claims adjuster for the Automobile Club of Southern California, as well as his arbitration training and experience as a Master Arbitrator, have prepared him to enter the practice of law far more prepared than his peers that are fifteen years his junior. Joseph’s unique perspective of investigating, negotiating, mediating and settling thousands of cases even before attending law school has primed him for success better than few others. Today, his clients enjoy the unusual combination of education, passion for the law and real world experience that Joseph employs to represent their best interests.

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