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October 24, 2016

Sarah Brown and The Book of You
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Sarah E. Brown, Ph. D. is leading the charge to revolutionize the self-help industry through the power of personalization. An expert on using the results of personality assessments and the author of the Book of You,she has created a way to generate a completely personalized book for each reader based upon the results of a quick, but world-renowned, personality assessment. A subsequent book Let Your Personality be your Career Guide will soon be available on Amazon.com. This book contains a wealth of stories and exercises to help an individual quickly determine the key personality components that should be considered in choosing a career.

Following a very successful career in Corporate America, she recently retired as Managing Director at Accenture to devote herself to personalizing self-help advice in the form of customized books. With a Ph. D. in PsychoEducational Processes, 15 years of Talent Management experience, and skills and experience in scaling complicated operations, she is uniquely qualified to do so.
Episode Segments:
Corporate Talk: Sarah Brown
Want to find a job that is fun and fulfilling?

Want to find more happiness and success in the job you now have?

Want to feel more understood by your significant other?

Want a volunteer-service activity that really makes you feel great?

How would your life change if you had a guide that was written Expressly and Uniquely for you? Learn more as Sarah Brown explains the Book of You
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Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Sarah Brown
I have over 30 years in corporate America, having worked for the Bell System, DuPont, and Accenture. In the last 17 years of my career, I worked for Accenture managing large outsourcing engagements—many of them focused on Talent Management. I kept seeing clients landing in the wrong jobs—ones that did not interest them or for which they were not naturally inclined. As Einstein said, they were like “fish trying to climb trees.” But I also saw something else. I saw some of them getting out or radically redesigning their jobs. And what was different about those that escaped workday depression versus their unhappy peers was whether or not they had a coach or not. So I started looking carefully at what these coaches were doing. And it seemed to me that they were getting at the heart of what made each person unique and then helping them make the changes necessary to channel that uniqueness in ways that made them happy, successful, and understood. This kind of one-on-one coaching is great. The problem with it is that it takes a long time (coaching engagements are often 12 weeks or more) and it costs a lot of money. That puts it out of reach of most people.

I have a gift for scaling big ideas so I kept thinking about how we could scale this coaching concept, marry it up with specific knowledge about each person, and make this experience available to all for a fraction of the cost of a good coach. That’s how I came up with the idea of Know Thyself Guides®.

I believe everyone deserves to be happy, successful, and understood at work, in relationships–in fact in any thing (s)he is doing. I want my Know Thyself Guides® to jumpstart everyone on their journey to knowing themselves and achieving happiness. I also believe that happy, successful people are more likely to be helpful to others, so this is an all-around win.

I had a really good corporate career, but now I am devoting full time to Know Thyself Guides®. My goal is to help 250,000 people achieve happiness, success, and understanding in their chosen pursuits. I have some interests and strengths that I am bringing to this venture. I am passionate about research. I have a Ph. D. in PyschoEducational Processes, which is a combination field of adult learning and group psychology. (The practical application of this in business is Organization Development.) I have strengths in creative and conceptual thinking and dealing with really complex and ambiguous problems. This is what enables me to conceptualize how we can scale things like coaching to make it available to the world.

In addition to my writing, I am available to speak or lead workshops aimed at building the self-awareness individuals need to be happy, successful, and understood in their various pursuits.

A native of Virginia, I now reside in Wilmington, Delaware, with my husband and standard poodle, Maharani. When not writing, researching, or speaking, I can be found rowing on the Christina River or chasing Maharani through the woods.

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