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October 13, 2014

Leadership Secrets for Everyone
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George Hathaway is president and CEO of Leadership/21 LLC – a leadership-consulting firm of the 21st Century. His career spans over 40 years as a business professional, educator, consultant, manager, and executive. Today he is an internationally acclaimed expert in People Leadership. In addition to his five books, he is an entertaining and informative motivational speaker covering every dimension of the leadership spectrum. As a Leadership Consultant, his insights and analyses have helped hundreds of leaders improve their organization’s performance through dramatic improvements in People Leadership skills and behavior. He has recently published his 5th book, Leadership Secrets for Everyone. Since everyone is a leader in some role (parent, clergy, teacher, police, doctor, supervisor, executive, coach, politician, etc.) at some time in their life, we all need to treat one another with respect, trust, and dignity if anything is to get done in this world today!

Episode Segments:
Corporate Talk: Leadership Secrets from George Hathaway

George Hathaway, has spent over 40 years as a Leadership Expert, Consultant, Author, and Speaker. His messages to Small Business Leaders are bold, informative, and stimulating
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Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
George Hathaway
George Hathaway's leadership expertise was developed over many years as a Manager and Executive for IBM, Fidelity Investments, Computer Science Corporation (CSC), Oracle (Seibel Systems), Darwin Partners, UnitedHealth Group, and Travelers Insurance.

He shares his People-Leadership philosophy in three published books, the most popular of which is his best-selling book, "Leadership Secrets from the Executive Office" MJFBooks 2004, 2009, 2013. The book's 134 People-Leadership behaviors was used as the foundation for the Leadership Performance Index, or LPI/21, which measures not only the People-Leadership strengths and weaknesses of Small Business Leaders, but also links their LPI/21 to the bottom line performance of their busness. The higher your LPI/21, the better your Small Business performance! We are very proud that our team's LPI/21 average at Leadership/21 LLC is 4.36 (on a scale of 1.00 to 5.00).

George holds a Bachelor of Science in Systems Analysis from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. He is a U.S. Army veteran having served with Combat Intelligence in Vietnam. He's the father of three children, one grandson, and two new granddaughters. He lives in Connecticut.