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October 06, 2014

Rapid Eye Technology
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You can change your life by changing your brain. Due to the plasticity of the brain, you have millions of tiny grooves in your brain called neuro – pathways. They store emotional memory and keep you tied to the original cause of unwanted patterns.

Rapid Eye Technology clears neuro-pathways of the harmful information controlling your perception and your life. This information is quickly cleared and new information set in place allowing your life experience to be transformed into one of authentic power, peace and productivity.

Life becomes easier. Emotions such as fear, anxiety and grief get trapped in the body causing stress, depression, addiction and other forms of dis-ease. Releasing those emotions, and the accompanying data that support them, will transform your entire being – heart, soul, mind and body.

There is a very strong spiritual component of RET that completes the work – allowing all four aspects of your being to be healed – the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

We will learn more about this fascinating subject from Master Rapid Eye Technician Paula Bronte.
Episode Segments:
Corporate Talk: Paula Bronte and Rapid Eye Technology

Rapid Eye Technology is an alternative form of energy therapy releasing stress, trauma and unwanted patterns, and replacing them with a positive state of wholeness. But how does it work? We'll leave the explanation to our expert Paula Bronte.
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Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Paula Bronte
Paula Kaye Bronte, MRET has been a Master Rapid Eye Technician since 1998. She is known for her success with helping clients heal from the unconscious blocks that hold them back and reclaim their divine wholeness. Paula is also certified in Thought Field Therapy and is author of ‘A Call to Mastery; Living the Art of Ascension’ . She has been on Transformation Talk Radio sharing the unique benefits of Rapid Eye Technology. Currently Paula resides in Seattle, WA and is affiliated with Holistic Healing Arts Clinic.

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