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August 28, 2017

Branding Yourself for a Better Future
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Charlie and Eva welcome special guest branding and marketing expert Diane Huth to Corporate Talk. Diane is a branding and marketing expert with over 25 years of professional experience. She is also and an educator, consultant and author of Brand You! A step by step guide to land your dream job.
Episode Segments:
Who is Diane Huth and what is her mission
Diane discusses the importance of branding yourself, especially recent college grads entering the work force. She shares the seven steps to start building your brand
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Diane discusses her book Brand you!
As you'll hear, Diane's book is aimed at students, but has information everyone can use. She also talks about how to develop a resume that will stand out to recruiters and hiring managers, and how to use Linkedin to your advantage.
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How our personal brand interacts with Social media
In order to build your brand, Diane says you need to be active on six social media sites- learn which ones, and how to utilize them in the right way. She also discusses the advantages of getting involved with professional associations.
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What we can do starting tomorrow
Diane shares some final thoughts on building your brand, and talks about what needs to be included in any successful elevator pitch.
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Full Episode 08-28-17
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This step-by-step guide will teach you this unique set of skills to ensure you find a good job, get hired, and jumpstart your career – fast! You’ll also gain an insider’s view of what it takes to be the one person out of hundreds of applicants to receive the coveted offer. Don’t apply for another job before your master and apply these priceless insights to ensure your job hunting success.

Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Diane Huth
Diane Huth loves helping other people succeed, and finds innovative and out-of-the box ways to help them meet their goals.

She is a 30+ year veteran marketing superstar, and has held top level marketing slots at a wide range of household-name companies including Johnson & Johnson, Frito-Lay, Carnation/Nestlé, CBS Cable, and Mission Foods. Those corporate roles switched to entrepreneurial positions with start-up companies, where she has helped launch and run small firms struggling to make payroll while launching innovative products and services.

During this time, she has interviewed hundreds of job candidates, hired dozens more, and mentored more than 30 student interns. In her “day job” she is the Chief Marketing Officer of Biovideo, an entrepreneurial company which is pioneering maternity videography. For the past 10 years, she has been a Senior Ideation Consultant for Prodigy Works, a leading innovation consulting firm which provides breakthrough new concepts for Fortune 500 companies. And her “night job” is teaching Marketing and Branding at Texas A&M University and at University of the Incarnate Word, both in San Antonio Texas.

Diane was stunned to learn how unprepared college students were for their upcoming job search. These students had just spent 4 years of their young lives, and often $100,000 or more on college tuition, and they had no idea how to find a job when they graduated. So based on her own vast experience, she wrote Brand YOU! To Land Your Dream Job to teach her students — and you — how to use brand-building tools and tactics to find and land your dream job.

In the rest of her spare time, she lives in San Antonio Texas, but with an eye on “retiring” to a white sandy beach in Mexico soon so she can write while listening to the waves lapping on the beach. She plans frequent trips to Vancouver, Washington to see her only son Alex who lives there with his wife Rachel and hopefully a bunch of redheaded grandchildren in a few years.

Contact Diane at Diane@BrandYouGuide.com to share a comment or suggestion about her book, request a speaking engagement or workshop, or ask for help polishing a resume or preparing other tools to help job seekers succeed in their job search.

Download a FREE 15-page career guide and checklist at www.HireMeNowPlease.com.