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November 26, 2018

ENCORE SHOW: Handling Your Anger
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It feels like everyone is angrier than normal lately. In traffic, in conversation, at work, and of course, on social media.

Anger can be a catalyst for change but if it's out of control it can turn into toxic rage. When that happens it affects not only you but the people around you.

So it's time to discuss anger honestly instead of just burying it!

We'll be discussing
  • What Anger Is and Why It's Important to Understand It
  • The effects of Bypassing Angry Emotions
  • What causes anger
  • How To Get a Handle on Anger
If you're struggling with either your anger or someone else's then you need to listen to this week's podcast!
Episode Segments:
Corporate Talk: Anger
When you get angry, do you suppress it, or do you explode? As you'll learn on today's show, both those actions are wrong. There is a better way, and Charlie and Eva can show you the path.
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