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December 08, 2014

Creating Champions for Life
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On this week's episode, you will meet Bonnie and Thomas Liotta, the creators of Creating Champions for Life. CCFL is the world’s #1 parenting resource for frustrated and exhausted parents or educators, who wish to produce the highest level of success with and for their children. We will learn about these new, creative and groundbreaking child-rearing methodologies, and see if they can be applied to the business world as well.
Episode Segments:
Creating Champions for Life: Bonnie and Thomas Liotta
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Creating Champions For Life

CCFL (Creating Champions for Life) is a world wide humanitarian movement to heal, unite and empower families and communities by bestowing them with the tools necessary to strengthen our standards, ethics and values while raising the next generation.

Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Thomas Liotta
Thomas Liotta was born in the state of California on October 25th, 1970. His youth was full of exploration, risk and trouble! Thomas learned early on that if it was to be it was up to himself to make it happen. His first job as a “Kid for Hire” commenced at the age of 10 with the encouragement of his father. After his parents divorced, his mom did her best although she unfortunately was re-married to an alcoholic, depressed and negative man. “It was always the same with him. I would show him a picture I colored and he would show me my mistakes! I always knew that I did a good job when he didn’t say anything at all.” Because of this, Thomas became independent in his life at a young age and always focused on things which were important to him. One thing that was empowering to him was leading the winning team!

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Bonnie Liotta
Bonnie Liotta was born on November 21, 1972. She was born on the evening of a full-moon and is positive that is why she is an out of the box thinker! Bonnie grew up in the 1970’s, two hours north of Toronto Canada, in a little town called Orillia Ontario. Her childhood experiences are the reason for her passion when it comes to helping people realize their full potential. She was yelled at, a lot when she was a child and was constantly told what she was doing wrong. It seemed no matter what Bonnie did, it was never good enough, fast enough, smart enough for her mother. In wanting the best for her, Bonnie’s mother was dictational and high expectations of her daughter. “Bonnie! Why can’t you be more like your brother when it comes to school? Look at him. He get’s straight A’s every term!” Many of you reading this story will be able to relate to being raised a disempowered child! Bonnie remembers many statements that made her question who she was, and if she was worth anything and she even questioned if God actually loved her. She told God on many occasions that she would improve who she was in order to deserve his love. By the time she was 12 years old, she admits that she felt worthless to the world. Because of this self-limiting belief, she made many, many mistakes during her teenage years and into adulthood.

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