Monday • April 15
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Developing an Entrepreneurial Culture
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Fear is a paralyzing emotion that can limit and destroy goals, dreams and the energy to consider being an entrepreneur. The fear of failure cripples the individual to a point f not taking the necessary steps to try. Can you imagine the numerous ideas and innovation that goes untapped because fear overwhelmed and incapacitated the vision? In our culture today, many business owners suffer from the element of fear. Fear of taking the next step, fear of sharing information with others, fear of failing, and the list could go on and on.

Imagine the number of new businesses that can be birthed if the mind can be changed from ďI canít into I willĒ. Knowledge is power and it offers choices. If we educate our children at an early age to dream and seek the avenues to becoming a self-made, entrepreneurship will become the norm and not a last minute thought because you canít find a job. Entrepreneurship has its own culture and to be successful, the mind must be transformed to think differently. This "mindset" should be instilled in our youth in an effort to foster greater relationships into the adult life. The focus is educating youth with concepts, ideas, and strategies needed to rationalize entrepreneurship by using practical, hands-on, and age appropriate learning activities that will prepare their minds for more than just a general 9 to 5 profession. This preparation in critical thinking, analysis prepares them for some of the obstacles and challenges faced with embracing the entrepreneurial path. Join us to discuss this topic. This can transform the world and establish strong recession proof economies.
Episode Segments:
A Sharpe Outlook: Darlisa J. Diltz and the Entrepreneurial Culture

If you aspire to be an entrepreneur, you are going to want to hear what Darlisa J. Diltz has to say. She'll discuss what it takes to start a business, finding your niche and the right customers, and the challenges you may encounter.
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Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Darlisa J. Diltz
In 2010, Darlisa began the framework for djd. InDepth Marketing and Consulting Services, a consulting firm assisting small businesses with various needs such as websites, logos, professional documents, etc. During this time, she also worked as a Data Integrity Specialist at one of the local hospitals, and actively took on projects within this scope of dealings. She worked with many local small businesses and non-profit organizations, helping them to establish an online presence, in an effort to grow their business. Through her engagement with these small businesses, she discovered that there was a deeper level of understanding needed in order for these business owners to sustain a successful business.

In 2012, she shifted her business focus from websites and logos to strategic planning and business development. Since that time, Darlisa has provided consulting for many major organizations such as Grace Hill Womenís Business Center, Missouri Small Business Development Center, The Small Business Administration, and many more. Darlisa has served on the Board of Directors for several organizations. In 2014, Darlisa changed the name of her business to djd. InDepth Consulting Services, focusing on the many aspects of the business purpose. Currently some of the projects on the table for djd. InDepth Consulting include: Y.E.P! Youth Entrepreneurial Platform, The Entrepreneur Workshop Series, Women Representing a Purpose and much more. Darlisa has received her bachelors in Marketing Management, MBA in Business Administration and an MBA in Information Technology.

djd. InDepth Consulting Services