Monday • April 15
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You are struggling -- or you know someone who is. You want to get help, but there are no places to turn in your community and you don't want anyone to know you have a problem. Did you know that only 10% of addicts seek treatment? The other 90% of addicts are stuck, feeling as if there are no options. One in five individuals suffer from mental illness and it is the #2 cause of disability in the country. Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the US. One in three adolescent students have been bullied, one in five teens have witnessed online bullying, 47% of parents reported a child victim of bullying and 40% of people experience bullying on a weekly basis in the workplace. Society has become ill and when we have sick family members, we get help for them. We are all members of the human family and we need to learn about the various tools available to make our family whole again.

Unlike other treatment approaches, RedPath doesn't just give you the tools to safely revisit your traumas. There holistic program draws your attention to the effects they are having on your life today. They understand that you are the only person who can own your trauma; it is part of your life story, and you alone carry it with you. Through the RedPath process, anyone can come to terms with their past and work towards building a brighter future. Through online peer support, self-directed exercises and visual graphic aids, we give you the tools you need to help you find your own way out -- to help you build a new life free from the traumas of the past.
Episode Segments:
A Sharpe Outlook: Peggy Shaughnessy

Across the country substance misuse continues to be a growing concern. There is a need for an alternative approach to substance abuse treatment and aftercare. Peggy Shaughnessy has developed a program offerring skills to address the underlying problems associated with addictive behaviours.
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Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Peggy Shaughnessy
Peggy is the founder of WhitePath Consulting and the developer of the RedPath programs. She has worked extensively with the Correctional Service of Canada to educate staff and management on Aboriginal issues, to provide needs assessments for Aboriginal men and women offenders, and has developed programs to assist people in their life struggles. Her programs deal with issues relating to addictions, domestic abuse, bullying and empowerment. Since 2004, the RedPath treatment program has been changing lives and communities in Canada by focusing on the trauma that lies at the heart of an addiction, and helping people educate themselves about the reasons they are struggling. On the ground, the program has achieved remarkable results, and for many, especially people living in remote areas, where addiction and abuse often goes unnoticed, it became clear that a different approach was needed. Shaughnessy is an author of a new book, contributor for other writings, manuscripts and journals. She is known as the 'emotions warrior' in her passionate struggle to transform healing and wellness programs for those struggling in their life journey. Peggy currently holds an Honors Bachelor of Science and a Master's Degree and she harbors a profound belief in the power of 'connecting the disconnected'. through Aboriginal knowledge and worldview.

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