Tuesday • June 25
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The Keys to a Winning Resume
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Episode Segments:
Understanding Unemployment Benefits
Are layoffs coming at your workplace? You need to take action now. Vickie explains why you need to get a handle on what your severance package contains, as well as why you need to file for unemployment even if you have a severance package. Plus, a true and false quiz about your resume, including the 2 things no resume should ever contain.
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Your Personal Marketing Campaign
Vickie goes into detail on your most important marketing tool: your resume. Learn what it should look like, what it should contain, what it should say. And most importantly of all, what it shouldnt say. Also, why you need to check, double-check, and triple-check that resume!
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To Tell The Truth
Vickie explains why your resume should never, ever contain a lie (but can contain an embellishment- and there is a difference!), because there will be consequences. Then, the three questions your cover letter should always answer.
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