Saturday • October 16
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Meet the Boomer Planners
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This financial crisis is stressful on all of us, especially those of us approaching retirement. Howard shares some information on how you can find out if your bank is safe. Then Dr. David discusses the importance of healthy habits. Plus fighting those senior moments and how to protect your assets in an unstable economy.
Episode Segments:
Whats It All About
Tom, Howard & David introduce themselves to the audience & explain what they will bring to the program on a weekly basis. Plus, how to find out if your bank is safe.
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Healthy Habits
Dr. David talks about the importance of developing healthy habits as you age, the most important of which is exercising. Learn how it can impact your medical costs and insurance rates.
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Your Finances
Tom & Howard give a sketch of whats taking place in the financial markets, how to protect your assets, and save for retirement. Plus- Dr. David has some advice on combating senior moment.
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Your Long-Term Care
Howard discusses how your future health can impact your current insurance rates, and why you should be looking at long-term care coverage sooner rather than later.
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