Sunday • October 01
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Government Policies WILL Impact Your Golden Years
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Tom, Howard and David take a look at the significant issues facing Boomers in this week's news. The financial crisis may result in government decisions that will have a major impact on Boomer future health and financial situations. How can you navigate the confusing array of choices? The Boomers examine several important decisions that will soon face the Boomer generation.
Episode Segments:
Medicare Restrictions Will Affect Everyone
How many routine tests are wise for people who reach age 75 or more? David explains the changing government recommendations regarding prostate and colo rectal exams, and how recent Medicare restrictions are affecting the kind of care that patients will receive.
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Will the Financial Crisis Affect Entitlements ?
The government is starting to examine ways to save money in entitlement programs, and many of these decisions will have a major impact on Boomers. Tom, Howard and David discuss the decisions that people approaching retirement should be prepared to make.
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Ways to Tap Your Assets
Tom, Howard and David analyze ways for families to increase seniors cash flow once their health begins to decline, through reverse mortgages or other strategies that may take advantage of existing life insurance policies.
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Beware of Predators
Many older people are struggling with mortgage payments, and often are approached by predatory companies that offer to help. Tom, Howard and David explain what retirees need to beware of and how to find trustworthy help if it is needed.
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