Tuesday • May 30
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Different Perspectives on the Economy
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David examines the state of the economy from the perspective of small business, one of Americas largest manufacturers, and from the World Trade Organization. Then, how will You Tube and Facebook help stabilize the economy. A top CEO explains. And Noriel Roubini predicted the current economic crisis. So what does he see ahead for the recovery?
Episode Segments:
This Week on Wall Street
It was a great week in the market, with all the averages up about 5%, on expectations?

The word on the Street is that this rally is driven by many of the closely followed companies beating their expected earnings. In this segment we take a close look at these expectations: just who expected them, and why are these expectations so important.
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A Birds-Eye View of the Markets
We step back and take the bird's eye view of just where we are in the market from some players who ought to know. There's Pascal Lamy, head of the World Trade Organization, Todd McCraken spokesman for small businesses, and the CEO of Caterpillar. Finally Noriel Roubini explains just what kind of recovery he sees.
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Can IT strengthen the economy?
Is it 1975 or 1982, two very different years for investors, but each very similar to what we face now. We listen to one CEO, John Chambers of Cisco who really steps up to the plate. A business leader who has a lot to say in todays uncertain climate.
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