Tuesday • May 30
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Which Way is Out?
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This is a whos going to do it? economic recovery. What part of the economy is going to bring us out of recession? Up to now weve been counting on the consumer. But it looks more and more like thats not happening. Even Laura Tyson, President Obamas economic advisor, says as much in an interview earlier this week. This week well explore the good news and the bad as we work our way back from the economic brink.

And remember: not all the news is bad, the summer rally continues on Wall Street.
Episode Segments:
Good News for the Week
A look at the good news released early in the week. The President recaps the better than expected employment report. Well recap the week in the market, as we work back to highs not seen in a year. Robert Toll of Toll Brothers the giant home construction-company talks about a better outlook. Then, the Council of Economic Advisors, Laura Tyson weighs in on the consumer.

Boil it all down: its all good, the markets up.
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Consumer Spending & Small Business Outlook
Raghuram Rajam, University of Chicago and formerly Chief Economist at IMF puts it all in perspective. We dont know why the consumer stopped spending (and started saving), and we dont know when theyll start spending again. All of this leads to extreme uncertainty in any economic forecast.

Bill Dunkelberg of the National Federation of Independent Business gives us his perspective on whats needed to help small business turn around. Is the government doing enough? Not according to Mr. Dunkelberg.
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Carry Trade & IA
Do you remember the Carry Trade over the last 10 years in Japan? Thats when large investors, primarily Hedge Funds borrowed at very low interest rates in the Yen, and bought primarily US Stocks. Could it be happening here in the US? John Taylor thinks so, and he ought to know hes the founder of the $9 billion dollar fund family FX Concepts.

Finally: shareholders without a vote. When you invest with an intermediary, like a mutual fund or annuity, although you own the underlying stock, you never get to participate in the annual meeting or vote your shares. Over in Great Britain, John Mulligan formed Investors Association this week to address just that issue. This is a real issue, and hats off to him for trying to address it.
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