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March 25, 2016

Mike's Organic Delivery
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This week, Nicole talks healthy, organic eating with Mike Geller, founder of Mike's Organic Delivery based out of Fairfield County, CT.

Mike’s Organic delivers sustainably grown, local food right to your door each week. THey provide a stress-free way to feed your family the best organic meats, dairy & vegetables, in season. Their weekly visits to our local farm partners ensure you get quality and freshness and help us support a thriving local economy.
Episode Segments:
UTM: Mike's Organic Delivery
an in-depth chat with Mike Geller about the benefits of eating organic & his wonderful business that brings organic goodness right to your door.
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Mike's Organic Delivery
Mike’s Organic delivers sustainably grown, local food right to your door each week.

Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Mike Geller
Sometimes all it takes is a little push and you’re heading in the right direction. For Mike that push came after quitting his job in advertising and spending 2 months living in the Kalahari Desert. There his passion for natural eating and living ignited through reconnecting with nature. Mike had almost no contact with the “outside world,” working in the African Bush and fending for himself in every sense of the word. In preparation he bought 2 months supply of food from the nearby supermarket. Mike learned: The produce at the supermarket in Maun, Botswana is better than almost anything you can buy in the supermarket in the U.S.

How can vegetables in Botswana taste better than what we can get at Whole Foods? The answer is simple. Food tastes better when it is fresh, when it is grown local and not bred to spend weeks on planes, trucks, etc. It took time away from “civilization” to start questioning not only what he was eating, but how it was grown and where it was coming from.

When Mike returned home he was 20 pounds lighter, in the best shape of his life, and committed to sharing what he had learned. He became a student of how food is grown, where the seeds come from, how it’s cared for, raised, packaged, shipped, and displayed. Mike committed to immersing himself in local sustainable farming and agriculture culture. He consumed books, attended lectures, and volunteered at Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture. These learning experiences, and a lifetime of cooking, gardening, fine dining and outdoor living, are what started his company.

Mike's Organic Delivery