Saturday • June 15
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Shopping for a Competition Wardrobe
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Are you spending hours and hours looking for the perfect pageant wardrobe? Are you confused about what you should be buying for each aspect of the competition? Kara Hall , owner of Serendipity pageant boutique, joins us to talk about the art of shopping for your competition wardrobe. Shell share her secrets for putting together a killer wardrobe that establishes you as a top contestant! Karas tips will help make sure that your next pageant wardrobe is a winning wardrobe!
Episode Segments:
Serendipity Owner Kara Hall
Kara talks about how she got into the pageant gown biz, and what it was like growing up with Sherri Hill as a mom. She also shares some common gown shopping mistakes, gown advice for teen contestants, and tells us what sets her company apart from the rest.
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Kara Hall Part Two
Kara gives her opinion on what makes a great pageant shoe, what the trends are for swimsuit shoes and what the must-have accessories are for pageant competitors. Plus - advice for plus-size contestants, finding a seamstress, and the proper way to pad.
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Ask Valerie!
Valerie answers listener questions on learning to walk in high heels, dealing with unresponsive pageant directors, adding to your community service resumes, and clothing choices for Mrs. contestants. Plus- advice on how to write your pageant bio.
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Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Kara Hall
Kara Hall is the owner of Serendipity and based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Kara started the store in 2001 and website in 2003. Kara’s main thing in her store is prom but her favorite thing is pageant. Kara dresses many local, state, and National contestants each year. Oklahoma has had very recent success with the 2 Miss America winners back to back, Serendipity dressed both of them. Kara is the daughter of the well known pageant gown designer Sherri Hill, and sister of the designer Alisha Hill. Kara is happily married and has 3 children. This year Kara and her daughter Katie started a charity called Give Kids Games, this is a fun project her whole family has got involved with. They collect new and used video games and game players for Children’s Hospital. Kara’s daughter Katie was a patient at The Children’s Hospital of Oklahoma City and wanted to give back to the wonderful place that saved her life.

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