Saturday • June 15
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Make 2009 Your Best Pageant Year Ever!
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Are you a new contestant who wants to make the most of your first pageant competition? Or are you an experienced contestant who hasnt achieved your pageant goals? Join Valerie for this exciting episode as she walks you through the 10 steps you need to take to make 2009 your best pageant year ever! Youll learn why you need your own pageant fan club, how to handle unwelcome criticism, and the key to developing confidence for the personal interview and on-stage competition. This informative episode will change the way you approach your pageant preparation and will help you to achieve your pageant goals!
Episode Segments:
How to Make 2009 a Pageant Fab year!
Valerie outlines the steps that can make your 2009 a successful year for you! She suggests that you make lists: of accomplishments, awards, changes in your personal life, skills and character traits that have contributed to your success, and areas where improvement is needed.
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How to Make 2009 a Pageant Fab year, Pt 2!
Valerie continues her recommendations of how to become an elite contestant in 2009. She talks about the value of pageant coaches and constructive criticism, pageant friends, inspirational reading, and developing your own defensive shield.
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Ask Valerie!
In this weeks Q & A, what should a local title holder wear if they are attending the Miss America Pageant, how can someone get started in pageants, how do you build a winning pageant resume, what does a mom need to know when her daughter is competing in swimsuit for the first time.
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