Monday • June 24
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Platinum Collection: Swimwear, Shoes, Accessories
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Every pageant contestant understands the importance of getting the right swimsuit, pageant shoes, and accessories for her next pageant competition. But what goes into designing attractive, fashionable swimwear and shoes that can hold up to the unique aspects of pageant competition? Join Valerie as she talks with Cheryl Prewitt Salem, Miss America 1980 , about her experiences as a contestant and titleholder and how she uses those experiences to bring you just what you need for your next pageant! If you want to look great and feel confident that your wardrobe will hold up under pressure, you wont want to miss this episode!
Episode Segments:
Catching up with Cheryl Prewitt Salem, Miss America 1980
The winner of the Miss American crown in 1980, Cheryl Prewitt Salem, joins the show to talk about her inspirational story of surviving two automobile crashes and how she worked through those events and eventually captured the Miss America title. Cheryl talks about taking a positive approach to obstacles and actually using the hurdles in your path to make yourself a stronger pageant contestant. She also talks about the importance of faith while dealing with obstacles as well as competing.
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CPAnnie and Platinum Swimwear
Cheryl Prewitt Salem talks about how she uses her experience as a pageant contestant to design her fabulous line of pageant swimwear and shoes. She shares her secret to a great swimsuit lining and tells Valerie what makes her shoes both comfortable and stable. Cheryl also shares her tips on what to look for when selecting a winning pageant swimsuit!
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Ask Valerie!
Valerie answers questions about non-compete clauses in contestant contracts, MySpace and Facebook requirements for contestants, and what to do when your headshot wont be ready by the pageant due date. Additionally, Valerie talks about what her birthday has to do with the Miss California USA controversy and what makes pageant people special.
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Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Cheryl Prewitt Salem
Cheryl Prewitt has accomplished much since winning Miss America 1980. She is an author, speaker, musician, teacher, and recording artist and all this she extols the Gospel together with her husband, Harry. She also hosts the popular national daily program "Make Your Day Count". Both she and her husband run the Salem Family Ministries which focuses on family and family restoration and emphasizes the importance of family unity, marriage, and personal relationships. They also have written many books together on this including the most recent book entitled "Speak the Word Over Your Family for Healing". Cheryl's swimsuit/pageant company, C.P. Annie Productions, is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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