Tuesday • February 20
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Green is the New Black!
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Almost every industry is getting on-board with environmentally friendly programs and the pageant industry is no exception. Contestants are embracing environmentally-based platforms and pageants have embraced going green as the new black. Join Valerie as she talks with actress Rachelle Carson-Begley about staring on Planet Green’s show, Living With Ed , and what you can learn from the program to prepare for your next pageant competition. Then Valerie will talk with Jolie-Noelle Schamber, Miss Teen Earth United States , and Jamillette Gaxiola, Miss Cuba Earth about their green platforms and the upcoming Miss Earth pageant.
Episode Segments:
Pageant Talk Radio: Actress Rachelle Carson-Begley
Rachelle talks to Valerie about her reality show Living With Ed , where the idea for the show came from, and gives us a preview of whats coming up this season. Rachelle also gives us some easy first steps to becoming more environmentally friendly.
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PTR: Jolie-Noelle Schamber, Miss Teen Earth United States
Jolie gives Valerie some background on the Miss Teen Earth Pageant, and how she got involved in the going green movement. She also shares some advice on how college students can go green, and what it takes to be a top contestant at Miss Teen Earth.
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PTR: Miss Cuba Earth Jamillette Gaxiola,
Jamilette tells Valerie about the different areas of competition in her pageant, and what the pageant does to be more green. She also talks about her preparation for the upcoming Miss Earth Pageant, and has some tips to help you be more environmentally friendly.
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Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Rachelle Carson-Begley
I grew up in Atlanta, GA, during the Civil Rights Movement and escalation of the Vietnam War. It was needless to say a very dramatic time. My home was not lacking in the drama department either, thus grooming me for a theatrical life. I wanted to be an actress since I was four years old and started pursuing it in high school. I moved to NYC to study when I was 18 years old and got my first professional job on the soap "Another World" when I was 20 years old. I haven't stop working since although there have been many dry periods for work in which I opened a Pilates Studio in Los Angeles. Another passion of mine I recently completed, working on a musical which my husband, Ed Begley Jr., wrote and directed about the life of Cesar Chavez. Chavez was the farmer who helped create the Farm Workers Union. It was a great experience and a wonderful project. We also wrapped our second season of our own show "Living With Ed" on HGTV. It's about our wonderfully wacky lifestyle that hopefully one day will be more mainstream. But, today, it's still a novelty. I live in a solar powered house, drive a Prius or Ed's all electric car around LA. We recycle everything. It's been an adjustment to live like he does, but I've managed to adjust. I feel a little like Eva Gabor in "Green Acres".

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Jamillette Gaxiola
Jamillette Gaxiola was born in Sinaloa Mexico. Jamillette began doing pageants at the age of three. On her mothers side which gave her the ability to compete in the Miss Cuba Earth Pageant. Jamillette also competed in the Miss Mexico Pageant in 2008, which then lead its way into the Miss Cuba Earth Pageant. Jamillette currently lives with her parents in Las Vegas where she attends community college.

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Jolie Schamber
My name is Jolie Schamber and I am Miss Teen Earth United States. I currently live in Orlando, Fl and am a student at the University of Central Florida. I am studying Political Science on the pre-law track and hope to one day become a congresswoman or a senator. I also have dreams of becoming a model or an actress. As Miss Teen Earth United States I will spend my year supporting environmental awareness and protection. I whole heartedly believe that is our civic responsibility to do our part by helping out the environment since this is our only home in which we live. I am also the Children’s Ambassador for the “Clean the World” Foundation.

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