Monday • June 27
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Life Couture
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This is the beginning of a 12-week designer course on life and how to make yours AMAZING! We'll cover every aspect of "stinkin' thinkin'," and all of the various ways to kick "but" to the curb and live your life with joy and satisfaction! No more excuses! From better health to greater wealth, you will learn to stop making excuses and chart your life's course with purpose and intention! You will be truly amazed at the limitless possibilities that lie ahead once you've kicked your "but" out of the way! Don't miss this!
Episode Segments:
How Big is Your But?
Are you saddled with a big old but thats keeping you from the next level? Not sure? Sliver Rae & Cassandra have a little test that will help you measure the size of your but.
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Get off Your Big But
Sliver Rae & Cassandra continue to tell you how to examine your but, and figure out how it got so big in the first place. Theyll also help you recognize the patterns that are keeping your buts big, and how to change those patterns.
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The Power of Thought
Learn why this first step to getting rid of the but is getting rid of that stinking thinking. Get off your but, have faith in yourself, and make that but go away. Get more wisdom from Silver Rae & Cassandra in this segment.
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