Sunday • June 26
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Give Your Blues The Boot!
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Feeling a little down? In a rut? Fallen down and can't get up? At some time or another most of us have faced a tough situation or a challenging circumstance that left us emotionally drained. The great news is that there are sure-fire ways to get re-charged, re-directed and back up and kickin'! We'll talk about tough times and tough-minded tips for taking charge!
Episode Segments:
Feeling the Blues
Every feel so blue, youre not blue youre black? Situations like losing a job can make you feel that way. Cassandra and Silver Rae have been there, and theyll show you the way to move forward and keep on living.
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Kicking Blues out of the Way
The big hurts in life like losing a loved one can no doubt leave us feeling blue. But once youre blue, you cant stay there forever. Cassandra and Silver Rae say you have to get a grip, and move to a new place.
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Stuck in the Funk
When youre feeling blue, dont let the circumstance that put you there define you; find your strength and focus on what you have. Learn more about the process of renewal in part three with Cassandra and Silver Rae.
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