Monday • June 27
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Find Your Purpose!
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Are you currently struggling to find the perfect job or career path? Theory says that passion + purpose + position = a satisfying career! Join us as we talk with national speaker and trainer Jeff Percival , President of Percival Enterprises and author of Work Makes Me Sick! . He guarantees you'll discover your combination to successful employment!

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Episode Segments:
The Formula for a Satisfying Career
Jeff Percival talks about his book Eight Steps to Successful Employment , and explains what successful employment actually is. He also gives us a checklist for the unemployed and talks about the power of language when it comes to finding a new career path.
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Finding the Right Fit
According to Jeff, jobs are like shoes; you need to find the right fit. Learn how to find your new shoes! Plus, how to analyze your strengths and weaknesses, and why you always need to remain open minded.
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How to Find Your Purpose
Are you trying to find your job, or are you trying to find your purpose? Jeff thinks you should be searching for both! Then, the employed should be the best they can be, and the unemployed need to focus on the little things. Plus, learn more about Jeffs workshops.
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