Thursday • April 18
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Itís an Average World!
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Studies show that the average woman is a U.S. size 14 and we all know that average-sized women are just as beautiful as a size 2! Join Valerie as she talks with Angela Howell, National Director of the American Beauties Plus pageant, about pageantry for contestants who more closely resemble the average size of todayís modern woman. Then Valerie will talk with fashion guru Kimberly Brinkley of about how the average woman can look pageant fab each and everyday! If youíre an average woman and what to celebrate all you have to offer, this episode is just for you!
Episode Segments:
PTR: The American Beauties Plus Pageants
The National Director of the American Beauties Plus Pageants, Angela Howell, explains what makes a plus size pageant different than a typical pageant. She also talks about what makes her pageant unique, the different scoring divisions they use, and how people have embraced the idea of a plus-size beauty queen.
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PTR: FabFindsUnder50.comís Kimberly Brinkman
Kimberly talks about what inspired her to start her blog, and some of the cool features, like the outfit inspiration calendar. Kim also gives us some fab fashion advice, like the secrets to looking great in casual attire, how to find great fitting jeans, the must-haves in any wardrobe, and the latest trends in jewelry.
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Pageant Talk Radio: Ask Valerie!
In this edition of the Q & A, find out what kind of songs work best in the talent competition, how to make the move from Miss to Mrs., and more!
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Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Kimberly Brinkman
I started my blog in January 2008 as just a little place to keep track of good deals I found and items I was loving. After being so inspired by Flickr's Wardrobe Remix and numerous blogs that share their daily outfits I ventured into sharing my daily outfits. Now two years later, I think I have found a fun little mix of posting my daily outfits along with answering questions from readers, sharing good deals and sales info, and more. I hope you feel the same. As for me, I work in a professional environment and my wardrobe reflects that. However, I like to incorporate fun accessories and unexpected touches to keep it from being boring. Also, I am all about affordable and obtainable clothing and the "thrill of the hunt" when it comes to good deals. I splurge on purses and shoes from time to time and find that they can provide an overall expensive look. Louis Vuitton with Target - why not?!

Click here for Kimberly's Blog: Fab Finds Under $50.00

Angela Howell
Angela Howell currently resides in the "peach" state of Georgia, in a town called Duluth. She has been in the pageant world for about four years and carries/carried many titles. She judges pageants, is a pageant director and competes. It's all part of the wonderful world of Pageantry. She currently holds the titles of Ms Georgia Classic Beauty 2006, Ms United States Achievement 2006, Global America Lady 2006, Mrs. American Beauties Plus 2005-2006. Angela is a woman full of living life to the fullest, and has room to give to others to make them feel good about themselves. When you believe in yourself and hold high standards, everyone who remains in your life, is the mirror image of you. Life, health, happiness and spiritual support are essential to feel complete, compassionate and passionate in all that you do and achieve in life. It is important to develop a healthy routine with yourself and love yourself each and everyday. When you feel good, you look good, and when you look good, it shows. Angela has been a "statuesque" woman her entire life, and has developed and practiced positive self-attitude and self-esteem. Through these motivational skills, she has been blessed to share it with others, helping and guiding them to have a positive attitude and feel good about themselves. A Positive Attitude and Self-Esteem makes you smile.

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