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Raising Consciousness through Ancient Traditions
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Sylvie Shining is an Energy Counselor, Medicine Woman and the founder of Sweet Eagle Tribe Medicine. Shining guides people to awaken their consciousness, leading the art of healing the human structure with humor, sobriety and compassion. For more than 20 years, she has been Dance Chief of the Eagle Dance in Brazil and France. She spreads the teachings of the Council of the Ancients of the 13 Moons around the world. Shining brings together philosophies, cultures and traditions for all those who seek the path of self-realization through knowledge, rituals, ceremonies, initiations and personal healings.

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For more information on Sylvie Shining visit shiningwoman.com.

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Sylvie Shining
Sylvie is an elder, a channeler, an energetic counselor, a medicine woman, and spiritual master teacher. For more than 30 years, she has shared her wisdom and provided others space to transform and connect to the source. It was Liza's honor to have her on the program.
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Sylvie Shining
The spiritual trajectory of Sylvie Shining begins with Her first Master: Her Dad. He was a spiritual seeker, a Gurdieff’s and other Masters’ follower.

During her childhood with Her Dad, She is surrounded by the Eastern knowledge witnessing Yogis levitating, meditating, laying down in bed of nails (Fakir’s bed), and also entering cataleptic states.

An old connection with Saint Germain, from past lives, reappears in a vision when She was nine years old, and keeps them connected up until today. Saint Germain presented to Her the opportunity to fulfil Her life mission as a Ceremonial Master performing healings while assisting and helping humans to awake their consciousness.

After Her dad’s death, She moved with her grandmother to the country side. Her grandmother it was a “rebouteuse” (a descendant of the Middle Age healers in France). Her grandma transmitted the first women’s rites of passage (rites of the moon time) and the herbal healing knowledge.

By this time, Sylvie was an active attendant to the Catholic Church. The priest of the congregation was a strong spiritual seeker and an erudite man of the east and west philosophies. He took interest in Her spiritual education because of their strong interest on the matter. During 4 years period, he introduced her to different religions and traditions such as the Orthodox Christian Church, Islamism and Judaism.

At the age of 16, Sylvie went to Arcane School in Geneva while still in high school. A place dedicated to the diffusion of Alice A. Bailey’s esoteric studies. At the Arcane School, She was initiated in meditation techniques and studies that are part of her life up until today.

At the age of 20, She leaves behind a law course in the Law University of Paris to travel to the East in search of new spiritual paths.

During this period in the East, Sylvie encountered many Masters such as Krishnamurti, Namkhai Norbu Rimpoche, and the teachings of Sri Aurobindo, whom initiated Her in a variety of meditation techniques and spiritual practises.

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