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December 01, 2014

I Died And Learned How To Live
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Krista Gorman is a Physician Assistant who died during labor with her daughter 14 years ago. Her consciousness left her body and traveled to the afterlife where she was reunited with universal love. Before she returned, she made the agreement with her spiritual guides that she'd share what she learned there with others.
I Died And Learned How To Live, where she was able to put in words what her near death experience taught her about life. She has made it her life's purpose to share what she learned with others in the spirit of love and service.
Episode Segments:
NDE Radio: Krista Gorman

In July 2000, Krista died while in labor with her daughter. For 8 minutes, she was without a detectable heart beat and during that time transitioned into what we call the afterlife. In that place of blissful being, she learned what she needed to live a life of joy.
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