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August 05, 2019

Prophetic Visions with Robert and Suzanne Mays Part Two
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NDEs frequently give indications that time during the experience is suspended, that the transcendent realm is actually “timeless” and that the events of the NDE seem to occur all at once. Two key elements in many NDEs, relating to time, are a life review and a life preview — visions of likely future events in the NDEr’s personal life or in world events. In their talk, their focus is on prophetic visions of future world events. Prophetic visions in NDEs can be viewed as admonitions or warnings. The Mays conclude the future can be changed based on people’s free-will choices. Certain NDErs like Kenneth Leth and Howard Storm received significant visions during their NDEs that have relevance to events occurring now or in the foreseeable future. The Mays caution that these prophetic visions are admonitions or warnings of future events. It is crucial that people adopt a positive and accepting attitude toward the future and adjust how they relate to others to be more loving, accepting, tolerant and kind. Robert and Suzanne last appeared on NDE Radio on Oct. 23, 2017. (For more, go to our Past Shows button.)
Episode Segments:
Robert and Suzanne Mays
Robert and Suzanne Mays preview their talk at the 2019 IANDS conference on "Prophetic Visions in Near Death Experience with Warnings for our Current Time."
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