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August 19, 2019

The Future of Earth
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This week’s guest, Kenneth Leth, is an old friend to NDE Radio listeners. His near-death experience at the age of eight is most fully described in our shows of November 9 and 16, 2015, and he was most recently on our show of December 10, 2018. You can find these fascinating discussions by hitting the Past Shows button to reach our NDE Radio archive. From visiting his ancestors, the entity Ken calls Mother led him to a place where he saw the earth, mounted on a pedestal. There, a future scenario of our planet was shown to him, though Mother shielded the eight-year-old from memories too painful for a child to bear. As an adult, however, some of those ominous memories have been returned to him.
Episode Segments:
NDE Radio: Ken Leth
One of the gifts NDE experiencers sometimes receive from the other side, is the knowledge of future events both for their own lives or for the rest of the world. Returning guest Ken Leth is one of those individuals
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