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July 23, 2018

Crystal Stairway to heaven
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Kansas police officer Victor Hicks describes the experience of his second NDE as 'being hollowed out and filled by something else.' Hicks was haunted by depression most of his life, despite being raised in a loving family with a respect for church and God. Major setbacks in his life brought him to a low point ó until God intervened. Hicks is the author of 'Crystal Stairway to Heaven,' available through Amazon.
Episode Segments:
NDE Radio: Victor Hicks
Even though he came from a loving home and was raised going to church, Victor had only read of Godís love. Nothing in his religious upbringing could prepare him for the revelation that he would be given in his brush with eternity. I suppose some people are harder to reach than others. Maybe thatís why it took an experience of near death to give this hard-headed author new life.
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