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July 20, 2015

While I Was Out
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Deirdre DeWitt Maltby experienced an accident, a twelve-day coma, and an NDE that gave her a new perspective, a new journey and a new life. Now Deirdre strives to share what she terms "the within that connects us all with the invisible wiring of universal Love." She insists that one does not need to have a near-death experience to open hearts to what is out there waiting. Her book, While I Was Out, is available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and at her website.
Episode Segments:
NDE Radio: Deirdre DeWitt Maltby
An accident, 12 day coma, NDE and several spiritually transformative experiences were to become the catalyst for changing Deirdre's life. Upon leaving the physical body she was given a glimpse beyond our known reality, realized she was in the presence of her maker, and given a most valuable and cherished gift to take with her for the rest of her life.
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Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Deirdre (Dea) Dewitt Maltby
Deirdre (Dea) Dewitt Maltby may be a fledgling author, but what an inspiring first story she has to write about and share with the world! It is a story about crossing over to a space between our world and the next. In November of 2008 as a result of an unforeseen accident that is exactly what happened.

This is a remarkable and touching story she shares about four separate experiences that have altered her heart and soul forever, and in a way that introduced her to the person she had been living with her whole life - herself.

She confides that "Awakening within 'another realm' and outside of my physical body, I was propelled into a spiritual odyssey of new insights on life, the essence we call God, and who I am as a person. I have not so much changed, but become more of who I was meant to be, that I feel we are all meant to be. Having taken what she learned from her near death adventure quite seriously she has been excited to share with others.

In Jan. of 2011 the Biography Channel aired a portion of Deirdre's story on premiere of a new series entitled: I Survived Beyond and Back.

Married to Dan Maltby, they live in the small high mountain valley town of Salida Colorado. A place that in its own right could be aptly called "heaven." Their grown son Brendan lives in nearby Colorado Springs. Dea has co-owned and operated a wonderful store aptly named "Fabulous Finds" which has been an integral part of the small community and its people.

So now, Dea is sharing with others about her near-death experience and the lessons she feels were garnered from that. Her book was written as an inspired undertaking that she claims literally pushed its way out of her and onto paper. Since becoming a published author with a large publishing house can be quite daunting for even the most seasoned writer, Deirdre undertook the project of self-printing her own books. Those book have been traveling to reach people throughout the country, and the world.

Please know that this website is not about promoting an author, it is about sharing the unconditional Love this woman found is available to us all. She is sharing as she can, one person at a time!

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